What is a Car Loan and How Does It Work?

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Welcome to the world of car loans. It can be overwhelming when you are first starting out. It is greatest to start with a good understanding of the basics. Understanding how a car loan workings is the first step in getting a good deal on one.Refinance auto loan bad credit

  • Car Loan Defined

car-loan (1)A car loan is pretty much what you think it is. It is a personal loan, the proceeds of which are used to purchase an automobile. More specifically, a lender loans the borrower (you) the cash it takes to buy a vehicle. In return the borrower agrees to pay back the lender the amount of the loan plus interest, generally in monthly payments, until the amount owed is fully paid off.

  • Elements of a Car Loan

Here are the essential building blocks of a typical auto loan:

  • Loan Cost: There are two basic parts to the price of a car loan: the principal and the interest. The principal is the negotiated cost of the vehicle itself. The interest refers to the whole amount of the costs accrued over the life of the loan based on the principal amount and the stated interest price.
  • Interest Charge: An interest rate is the basic rate charged to the borrower for the money loaned. The interest rate is usually expressed as a percentage for a one-year period and known as the annual percentage rate (APR).Auto-Loan-1
  • Down Payment: The down payment is an open amount of cash paid by the borrower at the time of the purchase of the vehicle. It is typically expressed in terms of a percentage of the total price
  • Terms and Conditions: This refers to all of the other objects that make up a car loan, including: the term of the loan, normally stated in a number of months or years; insurance and registration necessities; loan pay-off and resale terms; maintenance requirements; conditions regarding theft or accident; and situation of loan default and repossession.  There are many, many others and a borrower is fine advised to read them over carefully and have a clear understanding of what they mean before signing on.
  • The Car Loan Process

Here are lists of the steps you will likely follow in the process of securing finance for your new vehicle:financing-a-car

  • Determine What You Can Afford: Get out a part of paper and work out a realistic budget that tells you what you can pay for in terms of a monthly payment.
  • Check Your Credit Score: It’s important to know exactly where you position in regard to your credit score before discussion to lenders. Lenders rely on credit reports and scores when determining loan interest charge and terms.
  • Shop Around For The Best Loan Deal: This is important since rates and conditions will vary, sometimes considerably, between lenders. It’s also significant to look for the best loan deal before heading out to shop for a car.
  • Shop for your car: Now it’s time to visit your local auto dealers.

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